Who can use MESBuilder?

Each operational model  can be loaded in MESBuilder. As long as the system communicates on the one hand with IoT and on the other hand with humans and / or higher company systems, it can be deployed in MESBuilder. The reason for this is that we don't impose an comprehensive model for a particular sector or for ISA 95 as most of our competitors do. We only work with four building blocks and draw up a complete business model from there.

The top five applications of our product are:
• Automatic order processing from ERP to machine
• tracking and tracing of materials and energy
• efficiency analysis of production processes and machines
• reporting, storage and analysis of large amounts of data operations
• smart maintenance and advanced alarm management.

This list is not limited. Wherever operations, people, machinery and equipment involved it can be deployed our system. Not only in production of goods, but also for maintenance, quality assurance and logistics. It can also be used for service delivery and monitoring of objects. The scope of a MESBuilder "workplace" is an elastic term. Thanks to secure data connections, it can also bet for wide area solutions.
Sometimes this leads to applications that we can not even imagine. A test facility for seals under severe weather conditions for example.