Smart Industry, doing it your way

Operations, people, materials and machines on the production floor form a unique fingerprint of your company. Executing operations in your own way - provided that they are  managed efficiently- gives you competitive advantages. The drawback, however, is that it makes automating difficult using a standard MES package. Actually, everyone should have its own package.
That is exactly what we offer. Based on your very unique operations model we generate your own MES package with a kind of 3-d printer for software. With this you can fast and efficiently build yourself -or through us or a system integrator - a 100% matching MES system  that allows you to record and control your processes, controlling and linking of machines and higher business systems and exchanging data with the personnel. In your own words and with your own business logic so that acceptance and tolerance by your personnel expires naturally.
How data objects look like and what the rules are, it's entirely up to you. That can be ISA-95 based, but also in your own way. We ensure that your system is robust, redundant, integer, expandable and secure. Our technology is fully based on OPCUA so ready for Smart Industry and 4.0 IoT.