Operations Management development platform for your 100% fitting MES application

MESBuilder is a development platform for systems that can register and manage the operations and production resources in a production site. Such kind of systems are also known under the names or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and and nowadays as 'Smart Industry' systems.
The system allows , machines and systems at and near the shop floor to interchange data with each other using business logic.  Second important task is to transform the raw data from machines and systems into useful operational information for the personnel and vice versa.
The data is about operations, production resources and production information. Production resources are people, materials, energy, machinery, tools and equipment. With production information are meant things like orders, machine settings, recipes, procedures and guidance for staff.

What MES does

The primary purposes of MES systems are registration and control of the operational activities and production means.
The secundary purpose is that with the aid of the information comming from the system improvements can be made in order to produce more efficient, more flexible and  with higher quality.
The system communicates on the one hand in real time with smart devices - IoT - in the machinery and on the other hand with enterprise systems such as ERP systems, databases or even simply Excel. It exchanges operational information with users in or around the shop floor via application- or web interfaces. Such an IT system coincides with the definition of Smart Industry.

Top five product applications

The top five applications of our product are:

  1. • Automatic order processing from ERP to machine
  2. • Tracking and tracing of materials and energy
  3. • Efficiency analysis of production processes and machines
  4. • Reporting, storage and analysis of large amounts of operational data
  5. • Smart maintenance and advanced alarm management.
Live OEE analysis shown by a Web client

Live OEE analysis shown by a Web client

Suitable for 1,000,000 applications

This list is not limited. Wherever there are operations, people, machinery and equipment involved it can be deployed in our system. Not only in production of goods but it can be used for the 'production' of services as well. Besides production, managing of maintenance, quality assurance and logistic operations are our targets. The scope of the OMCloud "production site" is an elastic term. Thanks to secure data connections, it can be applied for wide area solutions as well. Think of monitoring of objects such as tunnels, shiplocks, buildings, revolving doors or wind farms.