Why MESBuilder ?

The dilemma at an MES selection process

MES leaves two choices:

  1. An out of the box MES package. This is possible if your business has a large match with elements and functionalities of the package. The more it matches, the more attractive it is. The risk is that a lot of functionality is not necessary and that there is lacking functionality, for which workarounds must be programmed. It's certainly not a cheap solution because you buy a mountain and usually use a bit.
  2.  Program a customized solution from scratch. Fits perfectly with the business. A disadvantage is the long development time. It is still in our eyes inventing the wheel again.

The flexible and cost-friendly alternative

MESBuilder offers as a generic development platform for MES an alternative. Start by modeling your own business model. Generate a customized solution and this can be configured to a fitting system. This system is then quickly and efficiently adaptable. It is suitable for all types of business operations and production sites, but especially for customers with specific operations for-which no off the shelf software is available.
By the efficient way in which you realize your system your development time reduces considerably. This might be the case as well compared to the out of the box solution. Our expierence is that mapping your operations to the out of the box model can be difficult. Because we don't have to adapt a complex model for any type of industry our licences are attractively priced.