Being efficient

Our aim is saving development time while still being flexible

Our method of model driven software development enables us to work efficiently and flexible. An operations model for a small sized production plant is put together and entered in the modeller within a few hours to a few days. Generation is done on-line and configuration also takes a few hours to a few days.

95% percent of the code is generated, even the graphics

Generating provides a complete working system consisting of servers and clients. The graphics are generated in rough shape. This means that 95% of the code is ready.
The only thing that needs to be added programmatically is the logic on the servers and clients. Places in the code (called stubs) fitted with the description of the requirements are reserved, however it must still be translated into code.

The fine tuning is done with coding in c# .Net

The implementation of business logic in the background - for example, what happens after the end of a process - is programmed in the programming language C #, is simple and can be done by a junior programmer. The places where the code must be adjusted have already been generated.
The clients including the user interfaces are generated in a default form. For the workstations at the workcells we mostly use Windows apps. For desktops, tablets and smartphones a web application (smart webserver) is available.

The fine adjustment of the generated graphics pages and web pages can be realized by a medior programmer. This part of the development will take relatively the major part of the development time needed. This is because of the aim to minimize the number of actions for an operator at any time and to make it impossible to enter incorrect data. As a result, there is relatively large amount of logic in a page, which is not to be avoided.