OPCUA is the underlying technology on which all our systems are based.

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) is the new technology generation of the OPC Foundation for the secure, reliable and vendor-neutral transport of raw data and with production processed information from the manufacturing level into the production planning or ERP system. With OPC UA, all desired information is available to every authorized application and every authorized person at any time and in any place. OPC UA comprises a data exchange standard for safe, reliable, manufacturer and platform-independent industrial communication. It enables data exchange between products from different manufacturers and across operating systems. The OPC-UA standard is based on specifications that were developed in close cooperation between manufacturers, users, research institutes and consortia, in order to enable safe information exchange in heterogeneous systems.

OPC UA is the standard for interoperability, IoT, Industry4.0 and M2M and promoted by companies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, HP, ABB, National Instruments, Yokogawa, GE, Bosch, Thijssen-Krupp, Schneider Electric and not to mention Siemens .

For more information about OPC UA visit the website of the OPC foundation opcfoundation.org